My Family’s Adoption Journey Part II

Posted: October 7, 2011 in Adoption
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Our paper work was all turned in. We were ready to rock and roll!

First Aid and CPR class –  Jen called Denver County to get us scheduled for the classes however they said that they were all booked for the next two months. At this time we were bummed, but the lady on the phone said one couple had registered but hasn’t rsvpd. She said that she would put us on the list… sweet. We waited all week to hear back from them and by Thursday she called and said that the spot is open if we want it!  We were all set for Saturdays class. Jennifer and I completed the class.  CPR & First Aid       CHECK!

Adoption Core Training – (September 09)  Eager for what was in store for us we attended our first training course. For six weeks i had to scramble home from work, wait for the babysitter to show up for Madicakes and then boogie back to Denver for our training. The training was pretty good, it cover everything that may happen when a child is placed into your home ( even though you will never be as prepared as you think ). We completed all of our classes and received our core training cert.   Core Training    CHECK!

During training they told us that by the 9th class if all of our paperwork was turned in then we can get scheduled for our home study. Jennifer and I finished our paperwork super fast! So we made the cut off…. Our paper work was transferred to the home study department. So by this time we were thinking wow this is really starting to go fast.. Well that was just not the case. Our paperwork was sent to an agency whos license had expired with Denver county. Denver informed us that they had to transfer it over to another agency. Lutheran Family Services was the new agency that was to handle our home study. It took about a month for them to schedule our first home appointment.  We had 5 visit in total which was supposed to be 1 each week , but didn’t work out to be 5 weeks. Thanksgiving was the first holiday that through us off and pushed our time line out. Then the caseworker got sick , so now you can see were this is going lol.  All along we were thinking that we possible could have kids placed in our home by Christmas.


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