My Family’s Adoption Journey Part I

Posted: March 10, 2010 in Adoption
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Lets set the time frame.

One year ago my wife Jennifer told me that she signed us up for and adoption expo. I was like oh cool lets go. So we found a babysitter for our then 3 year old little girl Madison ( Thank You DJ and Andrea! ) and headed to the adoption expo. I went to the expo with not high expectations. Never the less i was there to support my wife, little did i know at that time how God would begin to work and move in me…

The Expo is put on by Precious Stones Adoption once a year.

The following week we called Weld County to get info on foster to adopt. We got hooked up with the time of an informational meeting that was in Greeley.  So Jennifer and I headed to Greeley to attend the informational meeting. The Weld County meeting was good but something just didn’t feel right to us.   We continued our search of where we wanted to be. We contacted Denver County and got the time for their informational meeting.  The meeting was on a Saturday in and old church in Five Points. Jennifer and myself  and two other people showed up for the meeting , however the church that we were meeting in was locked and the Denver County facilitator didn’t have the keys to unlock the doors.. 🙂 . We all decided to go to a nearby park.

While we were at the park the Pastor of the church that we were meeting at called and said he was on his to unlock the church.  So we piled into the car and headed back to the church.  This is the start of our journey, the information that was presented to us was excellent. Jennifer and I immediately filled out the initial paperwork to get the ball rolling on the process.  We felt that god called us to Denver County, everything in our hearts were telling us this is where we are supposed to be.  This song  was just playing over and over in my head.

To be continued……


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